How to Write a Professional Essay for College Admission

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Most people will tell you – you need to go to college! College is the gateway to better jobs and better experiences in life. Having a degree is like having a ticket to any career and any future you could imagine – all you have to do is get there. Don’t limit yourself by avoiding college. It’s an essential educational and career tool that shouldn’t be overshadowed by fear – especially fear of college admission essays.

How to Write like a Pro

To compose papers like a professional writer, you really only need to follow a few basic steps. Keep these organizational and writing skills in mind while developing your essay, and you’re sure to get a spot on next year’s roster.

  • Organize your thoughts. Some students use an essay map – others a planner, and still others an outline. Whatever your method, use it! There’s a reason these tools exist. They help you organize your thoughts in a coherent, logical order that won’t leave your readers confused.
  • Don’t be too modest or too confident. A college admission essay is about why the college needs you – not about how amazing you are. Yes, you want to make yourself sound appealing, but if you’re too pushy about it you’ll do the exact opposite. At the same time, don’t ever downplay or belittle yourself. You have a lot to offer!
  • Talk about the college. First and foremost, you have to make the admission officers understand that this is the college for you – and you know why. Showing you’re knowledgeable about the college’s strengths, pursuits or academic prowess makes it far more likely for you to gain admission. This kind of initiative shows the college that you’re aware and ready to contribute to the college’s reputation.

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.

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Custom writing help

Remember, if all else fails, you can always contact a professional writing service asking to 'type my essay'. While not technically your own writing, these companies can take your ideas, major points and style and translate it into a comprehensible document – something that may frustrate and elude you.

Edit, edit, edit. Never, ever turn in the first draft of a college admission essay. Always make sure it’s been reviewed, peer reviewed, revised, edited, reviewed again, proofread and proofread again. If you want the essay to be perfect and expertly written, then do what the experts do – go through a couple of drafts until you’ve found the best, most flawless piece.