Essays Written in the Morning Score Better

When do you have time to write? In between classes? After dinner? Whenever you have a spare minute? You’d be surprised at how many students end up writing their essays at incredibly odd and inconsistent hours (or, then again, maybe you wouldn’t). In all seriousness, though, when’s the best time to write your essay? Surprisingly, the time of day in which you compose a written document does affect the eventual outcome. While studies differ greatly on the chosen time of day to write, many of them do agree on one thing: students that write their essay in the morning seem to achieve better scores that students that write essays at other times of the day.

Why Write Essays in the Morning

It seems pretty simple at first. Studies show that writing your essay in the morning produces better results, right? Why is this, though? Remember that just because essays are more commonly better when written at this time, doesn’t mean it’s true for all. First, it’s important to understand the reason that morning-essays gain higher scores. Essentially, it has to do with the mindset of the student at the time of writing. What follows are the proposed reasons that essays should be written in the morning, rather than at other times in the day.

  1. The mind is rested. Every morning is like a ‘fresh start’ for your brain. If you’ve gotten enough sleep, your mind is recharged, refueled and ready to go – and that’s exactly what you want when you’re tackling an essay assignment. With a recharged brain, the ideas will flow smoothly and easily.
  2. You aren’t bogged down. The human mind learns new things every day. However, we’re really only effectively capable or remembering between five and twenty things at a time. By the end of the day, your brain could be full to bursting. This is not the time to sit down and start writing. You may find it much more difficult to recall facts, organize ideas and put thoughts down on paper in an effective manner. In the morning, your mind is far less cluttered.
  3. Forced breaks. Writing non-stop for a good two hours is a bad idea. The brain needs consistent mini-breaks to help it recharge and stay at its highest capacity for composition. In the morning, essential breaks – such as for breakfast, bathroom, shower, etc. – are readily available. Taking these important breaks is a great way to keep your mind fresh for the assignment, and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed or stuck in writer’s block.

Writing tips

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