How To Find Impressive Health Topics For Research Papers

It’s not hard to find impressive health topics online, the University of Michigan-Flint website has list of topics that you can choose from and the New York State Department of Health even has a A-Z list of health topics you can use. It’s not about choosing the topic, it about how you narrow that topic down for you research paper.

These places will give you topics to cover but you still have to narrow them down and figure out what you thesis will be on. For example, if you are doing a topic on childhood obesity, then you would want to narrow that down to just the United States or another country or narrow it down more and choose a state. You want you research paper to be clear and concise on the subject that you are covering.

Health Topics For Research Papers

These topics are just general topics that you can start out with and narrow down to a more specific topic to cover in your research paper.

  • Acupuncture: You have probably heard about this form of pain relief and some people find it relaxing. How does this help people medically? Does it work and where did it come from?
  • Body Mass Index: Recently, body mass index or BMI has come under scrutiny because some people are told that they are overweight because they are muscular and we all know that muscles weigh more than fat.
  • The History Of Medicine Or Surgery: These are interesting topics to do, once you pick which one you want to do choose a specific field to do the history one because you don’t want to do a general one that gives you too much information. But you also want to pick one that gives you enough information as well.
  • Pain Management: Look at all of the ways that doctors manage pain for their patients and try to see if you can find the best way to relieve their pain. You can also look at whether doctors prescribe too many painkillers to their patients.
  • Preventative Medicine: We all know that we should get a checkup every year but most people don’t. Is it really necessary to get preventative medicine like this or just a waste of money? Most people don’t even bother with preventative medicine because they can’t afford it or just don’t have time to deal with it.

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