A List of Good Topics for College Research Paper

College level research can give you as a student the opportunity to deeply explore a theory, an idea, a hypothesis or a concept in ways that were not possible to you before. This type of freedom is one of the best reasons to pursue a degree considering that they’re still quite expensive and may not earn the financial rewards that previous generations of college students could look forward to. The following lists some research paper topics you could pursue.

  • Has the concept of a Social Enterprise dethroned Charity?

    Charity was once considered a virtuous pursuit but this paper can examine how the idea of a profit creating social enterprise has gained momentum of late.

  • How scientifically necessary is soap for everyday use?

    This paper can analyze the barely regulated use of harmful chemicals in skin care and to what extent the body’s own bacteria help keep it clean.

  • Should pets be euthanized if believed contaminated?

    With the emergence of super-viruses, some of which can easily cross species, this paper can look into how the rights of animals factor in issues of public safety worldwide.

  • How useful has war been in the maintenance of peace worldwide?

    There have been two world wars already and the possibility of a third grows greater each day. This paper can examine the likelihood of peace being brough about through battle.

  • Should democratically elected hate groups be allowed to serve their terms?

    This paper can look at examples where extreme groups have gained power via elections and what happens where they are allowed to remain or they are ousted.

  • Should lack of creativity be punished in modern schools?

    Whereas previous generations prized memorization and regurgitation, modern schools favor innovation. This paper can look into how modern schools can foster that positively.

  • What are the consequences of a growing reliance on digital technology?

    This topic is fairly self explanatory.

  • What level of extra terrestrial threat could Earth’s leaders successfully deter?

    With the many worldwide crises that leaders face, this paper can look at how an extraterrestrial threat could be handled.

  • Can the fashion industry ever become non-discriminatory?

    This topic is self explanatory

  • How long til the cashless society becomes global?

    New pseudo currencies arise almost daily. This paper can look at which ones will most likely survive and how long til they remove the need for paper money entirely.

These topics span several genres and can be used to create thought provoking research papers.

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