Crafting An Outstanding Cause And Effect Essay On Diabetes

Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. It is the curse of the modern world as lives become more comfortable with the latest inventions and our waistlines expand with each passing day. There is a great correlation between the increasing incidence of diabetes and the increasing incidence of obesity in populations. This is aided by the increase in consumption of junk, unhealthy food.

If you have been assigned a cause and effect essay on diabetes and need advice on how to craft an excellent essay, look no further because we have some great advice on how to do just that. Read on to find out more.

Make a choice

An assignment like this is slightly open ended. You can find out what the causes of diabetes are and use the disease itself as an effect or result of those causes. You can also go the other way and use diabetes as a cause and then talk about its effects. Make a choice.

As an example, below we will explore the reasons for diabetes and the disease itself as an effect.

What are the causes of Diabetes?

Does obesity alone cause diabetes? Is it related to cholesterol or insulin levels in blood? Is it related to lack of exercise? Is it related to bad eating or sleeping habits? What environmental factors cause the disease? Are there any hereditary reasons for someone having this disease? Is it inevitable for someone to have diabetes if their parents have it too, or can it be avoided with good lifestyle choices? Does smoking have anything to do with diabetes? Research all this and note down your results.

What is Diabetes?

Research what diabetes is. Is it just the inability of the body to produce insulin? What are the different levels of diabetes? Do all people suffer from the same type of the disease or are there different types and grading of the disease affecting various people? Are the treatments for all types of the disease the same? How is all of this related to the causes seen above?

Write your essay

Once you have gathered all the information, start putting it all down on paper. Introduce the topic, namely diabetes. Provide your thesis statement about it. Make it so the reader is drawn in by your wording and is interested in learning more. Provide solid arguments in the body of the essay, using one paragraph for each argument and supporting evidence. Tie up all loose ends in the conclusions. Congratulations, you have just written a brilliant essay!

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.