How To Write A Term Paper Introduction That Will Stand Out

A term paper is the final submission you will make at the end of your semester which will make up a good portion of your grade. You are not alone in your class, many students will be producing term papers that your teacher or professor will be reading. If only one topic has been offered, the teacher will have to read through a number of term papers all about the same topic. If you were allowed to choose different topics, the term paper will still be dealing with issues covered in the class. In order to make a difference, and improve your chances at a better grade, you must write an introduction that stands out to your teacher.

Capture the reader’s attention

Your term paper is written as a result of an assignment given to you by your teacher in class. The assignment was to write a paper about a specific topic, dealing with issues that have been covered during class lectures. Your entire paper is worthwhile, however if the introduction does not force your teacher to continue reading your paper, than your work will all be for nothing. In your introduction, you need to create a forceful and attractive text which creates interest in the teacher. The teacher has to read hundreds of papers every year, and can get bored or tired of repetitive content. Yours need to be special. If your teacher becomes absorbed in your introduction, they will want to see where your paper is going and will continue to read it.

A roadmap

As you create an enticing, attractive introduction, you also need to provide indications as to where the rest of your paper is headed. The assignment has particular guidelines which must be followed, and your teacher is looking for those in the introduction. You must set forth your issues and the path your argument will take to handle the discussion about these issues. Your teacher needs to gain an understanding of what he entire term paper is about by reading your introduction.

Do not get to specific

When writing an introduction, think of it as a tease. You need to dangle ideas and thoughts, hoping to entice the reader to want more. If your introduction provides all the specifics about the subject, or is too lengthy, the reader may find the following paragraphs are a waste of time. You want to focus their attention on the topic, and have them wanting and needing to continue reading. Your introduction should be the crumbs that lead the reader to the meal.

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.