Video Games and Gender

The depiction of men and women in video games is an area under discussion for research in studies related to genders. It is observed and concluded that men, as compared to women, are more often used as elements. Also, the manner in which women are represented in video games over and over again is a sign of popular labels that are implanted upon them.

The representation of females in video games is the focus of intellectual study and debate. Frequent subject matters in both involve the level of autonomy of female characters from their male corresponding person.

It is through the progression of meeting people and getting more involved with them, that boys and girls are both pushed to implement and grow specific characteristics that are habitually known as masculine and feminine. These characteristics then have a very strong impact on how the individuals perceive other’s in their respective lives. As the attractiveness of video games increases, the issue of representation of the feminine gender in these games leading to the gender role anticipation along with the making use of violent behavior also increases.

The different types of video games that have been brought to the market have such a strong impact upon peoples’ perception majorly because such entertainment channels act as educators of morals, beliefs as well as principles and this can have a positive as well as negative impact on the way people think and approach in life. The video games being played by the generation of today depict a very devastatingly conventional and pessimistic picture of the female gender and the growth of sexual characteristics and anticipations in the midst of the youth might have an effect by these depictions.

For instance, the female gender would keep on having the feeling that they will be preys of the society and would remain needy, helpless and hence be dependent on the males, be it their father, brother or husband. On the other hand, the males would continue to believe that their duty is to save the females from harm and to guard them even if it means through aggression.

To sum up, we can conclude that video games have with time implanted and associated very strong characteristics of both the male and female genders of the society into the young minds. This changes their entire behavior and approach in life, so it is essential for parents or guardians to keep a check on the content that they forward to their children through media.

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