Professional Essay Writers - How Much Do They Cost?

When you are in need of a professional essay writer, you naturally want to choose a company that is affordable and of good quality. As for the price of professional essay writers, there is no definite price for every company since each one charges differently. You’ll need to research different writing services to compare prices and services offered by each company. If a company charges too high or too low for its’ services, then it could be a scam or low quality company.

Average Price You Pay for Custom Essays

Some essay writing services charge as little as $5.00 per page while other writing services may charge up to $30.00 a page. The services that charge a lower price generally do not offer additional services such as unlimited revisions of your essays, title pages, footnotes and works cited pages in the right format. The more expensive essay writing services offer a comprehensive package that includes more than the basics and if this is what you want for your essays, you would choose a more expensive service.

Good for Improving Your Grades

Another benefit of ordering a custom essay from a professional writer is that you’ll improve your grades because you may not be skilled in a certain essay topic or you may struggle with essay writing in general. The professional writer will not only write your essay but he will also give you pointers on how you can learn to write better essays on your own. Some writing services’ websites have blogs that offer this advice to students.

Timely Delivery and Multiple Copies

A timely delivery of the essay is included in the price of your essay but also included in the overall price is the ability to receive more than one copy of the completed essay. This is important because you can give one copy to the professor and you can use the other copies as a learning tool for yourself.


Hiring a professional writer for your essays is a good idea if you’re pressed for time but it is not an excuse for academic laziness. If you have the time to write the essays, then you should strive to write original work because you’ll make you and your professor proud. Below are three valuable resources where you may both find tips on writing and deadline with writing companies:

There are books you can read that offer advice on writing an excellent and engaging essay.


Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.