Essay Intro: How to Use Free Examples

When you find a free example for an essay introduction, you may be tempted to use it almost exactly as it is with a few minor changes so that it fits into your own essay. This is especially likely if you are not familiar with writing essays in a particular style and you lack the confidence to try it on your own. You may still get good grades using this technique but you will get further as a writer if you use the following steps instead:

  • Look at the parts

    An introduction is not just a solid block of words that lead up to the body of the essay. If you read a few introductions you may begin to notice some common themes or patterns in the writing. If not, look up the parts of an introduction and you can cross reference these with the example. Find the thesis statement. Look for a hook that draws the reader in to make the rest of the essay seem more interesting.

  • Examine the style

    No two writers will approach the same topic in an identical manner. You should take some time to look over the introduction for style quirks that are particularly well incorporated into the essay. An introduction is usually very short so this may not always be enough writing for you get a good idea of the author’s style but you can make note of what you see that you think was worthy of emulation.

  • Judge the execution

    Free examples of essay introductions will vary widely in quality. This can be a good thing because it gives you a chance to figure out where lesser authors have gone wrong. Did the writer leave in considerable grammatic errors or omit words? Nothing can convince you of the need to proofread as much as seeing the types of errors that others have left in their work. In terms of content, were parts of the introduction missing or inadequately addressed? Correct the flawed introductions for extra practice if you like or make note of perfect introductions that you come across.

  • Discuss it with a group

    If you know anyone else who is trying to come up with the perfect introduction you should get together and look at the free introductions so you can borrow each others insights and learn more together.

By using your introduction samples in this way you gain more from them and can blossom as a writer.

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