20 Hot Topics for Writing Excellent Research Papers

Research topics take many forms and quite frankly, some of them are just better than others. With every other student in your course of study presenting research around the same time, you will need to choose your topic well in order to stand out. This can be a bit daunting but, fear not, there are many excellent topics just waiting to be written on by a talented researcher.

Here is a list of 20 hot research topics that touch on current affairs:

  1. Virtual Fantasies: How the Adult Entertainment industry will evolve in the face of better virtual reality technology
  2. Can modern societies learn to thrive without money?
  3. Will nations ever evolve beyond the need for a centralized government?
  4. Will the use of artificial intelligence lead us to a prosperous future or usher in humanity’s demise?
  5. How close are we to setting up permanent colonies on other planets?
  6. Should governments be allowed to keep secrets from their own citizens?
  7. Should environmental assets such as breathable air and drinkable water be given a value and traded on the stock market?
  8. Should insect based protein be slowly incorporated into the diets of Western societies by major food producers?
  9. Can obesity be cured and prevented by a combination of legislation changes and massive ad campaigns?
  10. Do international aid agencies have a moral right or obligation to intervene in the humanitarian crises taking place within sovereign nations?
  11. Should free medical care be a human right regardless of nationality?
  12. Would the widespread use of earth-ship biotecture significantly reduce carbon emissions to the point where climate change can be reversed?
  13. Can MOOC based education lead to the creation of a practical model of universal education?
  14. Can the Finnish model of education be replicated worldwide?
  15. Can computer programs lead to better matched relationships than intuition and initial attraction?
  16. How have adults with undiagnosed learning disabilities coped in comparison to adults with the same issues who were treated as children?
  17. How can disease control be humanely asserted in poverty stricken nations?
  18. Would a pure communist state ever fully eliminate classism?
  19. Should ineffective teachers face criminal charges?
  20. Should intense exposure to STEM subjects begin at preschool level?

All of the above topics have just enough controversy to catch a readers eye but also contain a clear academic element that can satisfy educational professionals that you are serious in your intent.

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