Eleven Narrative Essay Topics On Diplomacy And International Relations

Writing a narrative is not very hard however choosing the right topic can be a bit time consuming. This is especially true if you are about to write on something as complex as diplomacy and international relations. You have to be very careful while choosing topic and never pick something that is too sensitive.

International story with your own plot

A narrative essay is more like a story where you as a writer will select the plot and development. Usually you can make up the plot but for diplomatic topics it is advisable to relate the plot with actual facts and timeline of the events. Generally you can explore different aspects of the event which has not been explored before even when you keep the basic storyline similar. This way you can get all the information and express your creativity at the same time.

While writing such an article you will have to remember that the devil is in the details. Since you will be writing on international relations the major facts will already be known by the reader but it is the minute details regarding the characters and your plot that you will have to explore.

Here are some interesting narrative essay topics on diplomacy and international relations that you can write on:
  1. How the cold war ended? Did any side actually win?
  2. United States as a global leader in world diplomacy.
  3. One day in the life of Adolf Hitler.
  4. The views of a British woman who left her country to join a rebel organization.
  5. A Cuban man’s perspective on the recent treaty with US.
  6. United nation and its peace keeping agenda.
  7. A citizen from a first world country is lives in a third world country and works a job. An essay on how does the relation between the two countries affect his day to day activities.
  8. How does some countries profit from underground arms deal. From a weapon dealer’s perspective.
  9. A North Korean Citizen’s view on his monarch.
  10. What did Vladimir Putin do for the ten days he disappeared from public life. Can be a first person account.
  11. An account of US president when he goes to visit foreign countries.

These are some of the topics you can work on; otherwise there are lots of different international affairs on which you can base your essay.

Writing tips

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