5 successful steps of mastering your essay writing skills

Because essay writing is an essential academic skill, it’s crucial to have great essay writing competence. In order to master essay writing, a student should practice and become proficient in the following 5 steps:

  • Schedule enough time to complete the work without being rushed.
  • There needs to be adequate time for choosing a topic, doing the research, reading all the materials and taking notes, gathering the notes into a logical order to form an outline and writing the essay. After that, the essay needs to be proofread, edited and polished up. Every student works at a different pace, so discovering how much time is needed is an individual thing, and the first most important essay writing skill.

  • Choosing a topic.
  • This step is central to a knockout essay. That’s because the topic can make or break the essay. If the instructor has assigned a topic, then it’s up to the student to find the perfect angle on the topic to base their essay on.

  • Research and taking notes.
  • The research phase is where the student dives into what others have written about the general topic. This step could be done before step 2 if the student needs help narrowing down the topic or the angle on the topic. Jotting down notes during the reading and referencing the source for the notes will save tons of time later on in the writing.

  • Forming the outline and writing the essay.
  • The notes are organized into groups that logically fit together. A description for each set is like a subheading. These can be arranged in chronological order or organized in a fashion that flows well from one idea to the next. This is the outline of the body of the essay. Writing the essay consists of filling in the details for each of the sections in the outline. It includes writing a captivating opening paragraph and a memorable summary at the end.

  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Unfortunately this important step is often missed. Even the best essays will fail without a good proofreading and editing. It is best if this step is done by another person, as it is easy for a writer to overlook their own mistakes. The proofreader and editor should be someone who is really good at writing; not just a neighbor or friend because they are available and free.

Writing tips

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