10 Great Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

One of the most popular types of essay for high school students are persuasive essays. They are popular because they show the student how to make a stand on a subject and then show proof to back up that stance. Persuasive essays help a reader understand the importance of their thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main reason why you are writing the paper. It is what you are trying to prove by writing it.

One great way to choose a persuasive topic is to choose a controversial issue. The reason why you would want to choose a controversial issue is because they usually have a lot of evidence to provide for either side of the debate. Here are some topics that you can use for your high school persuasive essay.

  1. Should homework be banned in schools? This is an issue that has been getting a lot of attention lately because there are some individuals who believe that with the long day of school, that the children need some time to wind down or go outside and play.
  2. Is Euthanasia moral? There is a debate now that over whether doctors should be allowed in assisting the suicide of patients under their care.
  3. Is animal testing moral? There are a lot of vaccines that have been tested on animals to see if they will cure various diseases.
  4. Is fur for fashion fair? There is a debate on whether you should kill animals for their fur to make coats and other high fashion articles of clothing.
  5. Should students wear uniforms in school? If students were all expected to wear the same uniform, it would stop a lot of bullying because it would be harder to know which students may not have money to buy nice clothes.
  6. Should there be a push to electronic textbooks for students? It would be so much easier to drag around a net book or tablet instead of lugging around a huge bag full of textbooks.
  7. Should girls be allowed to play on the boy’s sports teams? It is not fair that girls have to play on their own team.
  8. Should our country have universal health care? We are now all required to pay for our health insurance. This is not easy for all families that are already struggling to stay afloat.
  9. Should people be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets? This topic has been in the news recently with the multitude of pit bull attacks on humans.
  10. Should sexual education be taught in schools? This is an issue of debate that you can use.

There are ten great topics to write your persuasive essay about. Try to choose one that interests you.

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