What Makes a Good Topic for a Research Paper

A “good” topic for a research paper is one that you really enjoy. It is one that you have an interest in, have some previous experience with, or just generally enjoy writing about. A good topic will make it easy for you to argue correctly. In order to argue correctly, and to get readers to come to your side, you need to form reasons, you need to make inductions, you need to draw conclusions, and you need to apply all of that to your case. The need to infer propositions from facts, be able to differentiate between what is known, and thought to be true, and what is actually proven true. You need to explain your reasoning in a clear fashion.

So where do you begin?

By picking your topic.

If you cannot think of a topic, consider the ideas below. Minorities are also a hot debate topic, particularly with recent events regarding immigration around the world and migration. That being said, if you are looking for a potential essay topic you might want to narrow your focus toward monitories:

  • You can write about whether colleges should have a quota for minorities in their admissions
  • You can create a paper that explains the changes that African American youths have undergone over the course of the last decade
  • You can write an essay that addresses racism in the current legal system and racism in prisons
  • You can debate the verdicts of the Michael Jackson case, the Martha Stewart case, or the Scott Peterson case
  • You can write the impact that Latin Americans have had in America over the last decade, as they are the largest minority in the United States

Once you have your topic in mind, you should follow these steps:

  1. Get organized. Each person is different. Each person organizes work in a different way. Find a way that works for you and use it. Ask for recommendations from your teacher if you are struggling. Some students need to read things out loud in order to understand them better, some need to make a detailed outline, and others need to draw a chart. Test the different ways out until you find something that fits.
  2. Take advantage of your free time. Many students feel constricted with time. They think that there is not enough time to really complete projects, all because they don’t manage their time well. You can get much more done if you pay attention to your available time and use it.

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.