Personal Essay Writing Advice: Reveal Your Character

When you are writing a personal essay there are going to be several factors that your writing should include in order to give you the best chance to not only be admitted to the school of your choice but to make an outstanding first impression. Many believe that a great essay will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to gaining admittance into the college of your choice. Many students worry about the right way to reveal their good character traits to the admissions board in their essay. Character displays the actions that a person will take when nobody appears to be watching. Telling someone about your character can come across as bragging and boastful if not done in the right manner. There are several techniques that can display your character without you coming out and stating it.

Use a Narrative

Writing a personal narrative and adding it to your story is a great idea to reveal your character. It probably isn’t right to come out and say that you are a very honest person, but it is always appropriate to tell a story which will illustrate that clearly to all of those who read your essay. The trick is to describe a situation that falls under the topic of your essay topic. Telling a story about how you saved money to make a big purchase for your family, shows that you can put off your personal satisfaction and the gift shows you put others above yourself. Relaying a story about the time you worked in the local soup kitchen during the holidays shows how you place your community ahead of yourself for the greater good. There are a virtually unlimited number of scenarios that can be written about to display what a great person you are without coming out and saying, “I am a great person.”

Relay Recognition

Another great way to relay the content of your character to an admissions board is to recount an instance where your behavior was recognized by someone else. It may seem a bit arrogant to say that you give whenever you have a chance, it is not arrogant at all to state a fact like you received an award from your school or a community organization for the amount that you gave back in time and money to help others. There is nothing that screams good character more than charity works and excessive charity work does it best.

Writing tips

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