Environmental Pollution Studies: Contemporary Science Essay Topics

Environmental pollution has to be one of the biggest topics on the air today. The news is full of discussions about the melting polar ice caps and potable drinking water. So, what are some of the causes of today’s pollution? Surely, society has learned enough to stop the bad habits we started at the beginning of the 20th century? Or have we?

Greenhouse Effect

Is it a myth or is it real? Is the planet getting warmer or is it evolving? What other contributors are there to the problem?

  • The first thing that comes to mind are the greenhouse gasses created by the coal fired mills in countries like China where environmental regulations are not nearly as tight.
  • Has anyone ever looked into the “VOG” that looms over the Big Island of Hawaii? There was a time you could see Maui (its only 37 miles away) everyday but now it is a good day when you see it.
  • How about the volcanic eruption that happened in Iceland that grounded airplanes and created a snow like effect all over Europe and Eastern Canada? What has that contributed?
  • How about LCD light bulbs? What about the mercury in them? Did the average consumer know they were bringing it into their home and how to dispose of it properly until it was too late?
  • What is the country doing with all the E-waste? Electronics. People are upgrading their electronics faster than manufacturers put them out. The need for the newest and shiniest is on the rise.
  • The last suggestion would be animal waste. It is true? The methane from the animal waste is a serious contributor to the environmental pollution that is on the rise, not decline in this country.

Is Our Future Bright

The country is moving toward cleaner fuels and conserving energy but to what extent? Is the cure worse than the disease? Manufacturers could be causing as much harm creating new disposable and recyclable items, as they were creating the old products.

  • What kind of energy does it take to produce an electric car over a gas powered car?
  • What is the improvement of the LED bulb over the LCD bulb (there is one)?
  • Is dredging waterways helping to clean them or is it causing more issues with the animals that are sustained from them?

It is hard to say what other environmental pollution we will face in the future. I can remember when we thought littering was as bad as it got. Today, still, there is a problem with rubbish on the roadside because the country as a whole is not focused on the micro problem. One piece of paper, rubber, glass, plastic or metal at a time.

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