Where to Download PhD Dissertation Samples for Free

There are different types of learners in the world. Some people can be told something and they got it, it’s there, click-bang-boom.  But others have to see something before they will have that “ah, I got it” moment.  For the visual learner, they will need to see how a PhD dissertation is laid out before they will be able to make one for themselves.  There are a few ways a person can see a sample dissertation, one of those ways is asking a friend or professor to see a sample copy.  Another way is that the student can go online and download a sample PhD dissertation for free.  Where to download them is the question; here are some possible places.

Online Places to Download From

  • The Marshall Library from the University of Cambridge has a very large and extensive database of dissertations.   All the student has to do, is choose a database to search, type in a keyword and then you can find a dissertation on a subject within your field to see how it has been done before.
  • The online version of the University Library from the University of Illinois is another place that a student can find free sample dissertations to review.  When the student goes to the Library page of the site, then clicking on the “learn” link, then the “find dissertations” like will give you a guide to search for a dissertation in the student’s field for their viewing.  
  • The Open University has an online theses and dissertations database for student to search though to find a sample that they can review.  Again, all the student has to do is type the subject into the search bar to find a list of dissertations that they can download.

Most of the places a student will be able to find quality sample PhD dissertation will be university libraries or other education websites.  These are where most student are able to have their works published.

These places are great for the student to download a sample dissertation. And for the visual learner, seeing how a PhD dissertation is presented will make the world of difference when it comes to them creating their own. By downloading and reviewing a sample PhD dissertation they can see the format, language usage and how others have dealt with the overall handling of the assignment.  This way when the student sits down to format and create their dissertation they will know the best way to complete it.  

Writing tips

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