Economics Term Papers: How to Structure your Project Properly

While having a term paper assigned might seem like a daunting assignment, it really isn’t and once you have the proper format for it, then the rest is easy. Here is what to do:

  • Title Page

    If your assignment is to be in MLA format your entire paper should be done using double spacing. The title should be written with each word capitalized and centered on the page. Below that write your name, the name of the course, the name of the instructor and the date of submission.

  • Table of Contents

    This is just what it sounds like. List the headings, subheadings, sub headings and subsections along with the page numbers they correspond with.

  • Introduction

    Include in the introduction a short explanation of the problem, the point of your term paper, which questions you will be answering in the paper, an outline of the research, the relevance of the thesis and the research process.

  • Main Body

    This is where you will present your case and the research. This will be the longest part of the paper and include headings and sub headings. If you quote text from a journal, book or other source then you must use in text citations. In the main body you will need to state a main point as well as an argument in each section. You will also need to make the following information be clearly stated: interpretation of the primary literature, current state of your research, methodological problems and your viewpoint.

  • Conclusion

    In this section you will restate the problem that was posed in the introduction and explain what you found in your research. You will need to summarize any observations or interpretations. You should also make clear any limitations or strengths in the research as well as putting forth any ideas for future research that may be done.

  • References/Bibliography

    This is crucial. Cite all of your sources in the proper format.

  • Appendices

    If you use anything like survey forms, graphs, maps, figures, questionnaires, statistics, charts or anything of that nature, this is where you would list the complete information for them. This does not count toward the word count of the paper.

Alright, those are the parts that each economics term paper needs to have. There is also a description of each of the parts. Now, the title page format was given in MLA terms. Find out what style your paper is to be in MLA or APA. If the format is APA then while all of the sections are still the same, the title page and the references will have different formatting that needs to be followed and you can find examples of APA formatting easily online.

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