A List of Interesting Economic Research Paper Ideas to Start With

If you're thinking about writing a paper that has to do with finance, money, or the economy, then look no further than today’s news as you can find many resourceful ideas that can help you get started on your paper:

  • Consider writing about the stagnating growth of eBay. Are they on the decline? Is their competition heating up with Amazon’s new auction feature? Also consider writing about the growth of a company like Alibaba, which may serve as a stiff competitor to eBay. In recent news, Alibaba, which has just gone public with their IPO, is taking off in the United States and its global scale approach is succeeding, while a company like eBay has just decided to lay off 2,700 workers.
  • Another great idea if you're interested in writing about the economy, is to consider writing about our market and whether or not you think the recent data on job losses and unemployment is a reason to fear a bear market approaching. Has the job loss data affected this market based on Dow numbers? If you look at recent findings, the Dow has consistently dropped this year. Is this a correction or are we going into a double-dip recession?
  • Want a great finance topic idea? You may want to consider writing about manufacturing growth slowing down in China. Why is this taking place and how will this affect our markets here? Is China slowing down because they are going into a recession? As one of the BRICs, is this a reason for concern?
  • If you want to focus your paper more on finance and you’re thinking about oil prices, a great paper than that you might enjoy working on is how with recent oil prices set at almost $40 per barrel, how does this affect our economy? Is this a reason for alarm? Should we work on our oil reserves and buy now? With this bad winter, why is oil still declining?
  • And another top article that might get you a few extra points with your professors is to write about how stocks have fallen nearly 40 percent. What is the Dow doing? Are we still recovering from low 4th quarter numbers? Or is this a correction and a possible correlation between that and the QE?

As you work to put your articles together, make sure you check out websites like barrons SeekingAlpha TheWall StreetJournal., and even the NewYorkTimes. The Financial Times is also a good reference when you research foreign data.

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