A Brief Guide To Writing An Essay With Chicago Style Citation

If you are going to write an essay and would have to utilize citations to further enhance the credibility of your content, it is extremely important for you to follow certain patterns that could be deemed acceptable by the academe. One of these acceptable citation patterns would be the Chicago style citations. In this article, you will see a brief guide on how you can write the perfect dissertation using Chicago style citations in the process. I hope that you will be able to understand the article and apply it to your research as soon as possible.

Chicago Style Defined

This particular bibliographic style has two different presentations. You can read it in a way that it presents both the notes and bibliography or you can include the author and the date.

Making the Choice

Choosing between the two styles of presentation depend on the subject matter of your thesis as well as the different types of sources cited in the document. This is because each system is preferred by a specific set of scholars.

The notes and bibliography style is preferred by experts in Humanities, Literature, and the Arts. This is because the information presented is done so in a way that is short and easy to understand. This type of bibliography often includes a wide variety of sources including more obscure sources that can be deemed inappropriate for the notes and bibliography style.

Primarily, experts in the scientific field use the author-and-date system. With this system, sources are presented briefly in the text with the name of the author and date of publication enclosed in parenthesis. Further information is shown in the bibliographic list of authors and book titles at the end of the dissertation.

Apart from the notes vs. parentheses data presentation for each system, the two patterns a presentation are largely similar to one another. Here are some examples of bibliographies written in each specific style and presentation.

Samples: Notes and Bibliography

  • Includes Author and Translator/Editor
  • Name of the Author, Book Title, Translation: (name of translator, date of compilation/publication)

    For the text: author name, year of publication, source pages

  • For Two or More Authors
  • Author 1 and Author 2, Title, year of publication (revised edition, year of publication)

For cases of printed articles as well as sources from the internet, include the date of publication, specific page numbers, and links to article sources that you might want to be cited.

Samples: Date and Author

  • For single authors include the following: name of the author, book title, translation: (name of translator, date of compilation/publication). For the text, include the name of the author, year of publication and source pages.
  • For multiple authors, you may list all the authors in the list. However, for the notes in text use et. al.

These are just some of the many pieces of information that you need to keep in mind in order to make acceptable Chicago style citations for your thesis. If you want to learn more, various websites on the internet can help you out.

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.