Hunger Game

Hunger game refers to an annual event carried out in Panem; a country in the science fiction work of arts by Suzanne Collins. In her trilogy, “The Hunger Games” issued in 2008, “Catching Fire” published in 2009, and “Mockingjay” published in 2010, Collins depicts a future country at the mercy of its leaders. Panem comprises of thirteen districts and its leaders conduct government businesses in Capitol. Hunger game was invented as a punishment for rebellion; the thirteen districts had rebelled against Capitol forcing the governing unit to create a game that would always remind the people it was in control. The annual hunger games, as depicted in the books and later in a film bring out the various activities that preceded and followed the event including reaping, mentoring, tokens, bloodbaths, feasts, and quarter quells.

Capitol expected the 13 districts to hold a reaping ceremony each year. Every family in Panem was expected to put a slip containing the name of their children aged between the age of twelve and eighteen years in glass jars. A district representative would then pick a slip from the jars to produce contestants (tributes) in the hunger game; 24 contestants took part in the game whereby each district produced male and female tributes. The reaping ceremony contributed to reaping of children participants by the capital because it provided the governance with the necessary information about children. The chosen tributes would then be taken to an arena to fight for their lives and the person who outlived the others was recognized as the victor; except in a few cases.

Capitol invented the other activities of the hunger game to make it more exciting for the ruling class and devastate the districts. The mentoring activity, for example, required survivors of previous hunger games to guide those eligible for future hunger games. Every tribute was given a token intended to remind him or her of home. Sponsors sent aid to the arena to facilitate gaming. Bloodbaths referred to the killing of tributes; most died early in the competition. The Capitol organized feasts to increase bloodbath in hunger games but attendance remained an option. The quarter quells allowed the rulers to change the rules of the game after every 25 years. Ultimately, hunger games put young children and their districts through shocking torture and experiences because tributes could even kill to survive.

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