Computer Hardware

Many people use computers every day, but are still not sure how computers work on the inside. Computers are used to complete tasks for us and to store information such as photos, music and documents. The computer consists of internal hardware that allows all of this storage to take place. On the surface level, the computer that most people work with on a daily basis consists of the screen, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a few additional components such as a camera or other external device. But there are also people who work with the internal parts and production of the computer, and these people are generally more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the computer. The computer is a complicated device, but in some ways it is also relatively simple.

The internal hardware of the computer can be explained in a few simple parts. The hard drive of the computer is the storage space where photos, music and other documents can be stored. The hard drive comes in various different sizes, and larger size hard drives will have more storage space while smaller hard drives will have less storage space. Computers also use RAM or random access memory. The RAM is able to access information faster than searching through the entire hard drive. RAM is like a quick access way to information that is used. The RAM is cleared each time the computer is restarted. The processor is the device that makes sure that all the computer parts and systems are functioning properly together. The processor is able to complete tasks and also helps the software work. If the processor is working fast, the computer will be able to work fast as well and will deliver information and functions at a fast rate.

So overall, there are a few different components to the computer, but the larger system in general is quite easy to understand. The hard drive is the system where everything including photos and documents is stored. The RAM is another storage space that allows information to be more readily available and easily accessed by the computer. The processor is the system that keeps information moving around the computer and allows the systems to function together to complete tasks. The overall system of a computer is relatively simple at its basic parts, however there are also more intricacies as those parts are broken down into their smaller components.

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