5 things to avoid when writing a dissertation

Many students when writing their dissertation paper often feel overwhelmed. Although there are a number of things that a student ought to do while writing their paper, there are a number of things that a person must avoid to ensure that the essay is of acceptable standard.

a. Avoid long winded sentences

The writer should avoid writing using convoluted sentences. These sentences make the paragraphs to become ambiguous and confusing. A person might have an essay that is well structured, and has very strong convincing arguments. However if the arguments are put across in sentences that are intricate the meaning gets obscured. A good dissertation should be one that a reader does not have to read the paragraph more than twice to understand its meaning. If the sentences are long the writer should break them up into two when editing.

b. Avoid writing a generalized and unfocused argument

A student should desist from trying to focus too much on an argument. By doing so a person might end up not having any argument at all. This is because the argument would be too broad that it cannot address a particular issue. The argument needs to be specific so that a reader may understand what the writer is talking about. A writer should therefore first establish and internalize clearly the argument that they want to put across, before he or she can start writing. When writing each sentence and paragraph the writer should keep in mind the main argument that they want to put across. This would ensure that all the paragraphs contribute towards the same objective.

c. Avoid having an unclear structure

The student should make sure that the layout of the dissertation makes sense. The contents and order of the chapters should be structured in a way that ensures that ensures the arguments are put across in an appropriate manner. This makes it easy and fun to read. A good dissertation should be straight forward and one that puts across arguments in a systematic manner. For instance if a person needs to prove point X before they can prove Y, then the arguments should reflect just that.

d. Avoid replication of statements

When writing the essay a person should try as much as possible to avoid repeating his or her arguments. Repetition of arguments makes the paper sound like a broken record. It becomes boring and unreadable. There are other smart ways of putting more emphasis on an argument so as to prove a point. For instance adding more supporting evidence would serve this end.

e. Avoid using informal language

The writer should avoid using a language or tone that is informal and unsuitable for academic writing. The language should be formal, courteous and persuasive.

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