How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper?

For students that need to write a research paper then it is important to know and understand what a thesis statement is. Essentially, there is the initial contact to have with your audience, to provide you with the best opportunity of captivating their attention. Equally, a badly written thesis statement can act as a deterrent to whoever may be thinking of reading your thesis. Therefore, it is important to know how to write one so as to correctly engage the reader.

When is it best to write a thesis statement?

When you consider that the thesis statement will be included at the very beginning of your thesis or research paper, it may seem acceptable to write it as the first thing that you do. However, this is the wrong way of going about things; in fact, it is much better to write the thesis as the very last thing you do as you will therefore have a much better understanding of the piece of work itself.

Essentially, the thesis should not be based on what the statement says, but the other way round - the thesis statement should be based on what the research paper is about. When thought of in these terms, it is obvious that the thesis statement; should not be written until the research paper has itself been completed.

What should be included in the statement?

When writing a thesis statement, it is very important that you consider every word carefully as you have not got much room in which to write the thesis statement; therefore, you want it to be absolutely free from fluff and, rather, you want to be direct and to the point so that everything that you are writing is necessary.

Literally, every single word counts and should be designed to inform the reader of exactly what to expect, as well as highlighting the reason as to why someone should want to read your thesis. This basically gives the audience an idea of what to expect from your work and will be the first, and arguably the main thing that makes them decide as to whether or not they wish to continue reading.

The thesis statement is basically an outline or summary of what you’ve written in your research paper but is condensed into a very small piece and enabling whoever is thinking about reading it too make a decision quickly and, almost instantly, know if they will want to see further about what it contains therein.

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