How Not to Submit your Term Papers and Essays Late

It’s hard to say why, but for many students it’s becoming more and more difficult to turn in assignments on time. Whether due to overwhelming workloads, too many activities or simple forgetfulness, students struggle to get writing assignments turned in by the deadline. This can be detrimental to their scores and even more devastating to their attitudes towards writing. What’s most disconcerting about this occurrence is that’s it’s completely avoidable! With a few simple strategies, any student can make sure they turn in essays and term papers on time, every time.

Strategies for Submitting Papers On Time

Now, these are not all strategies in existence that aid students in turning in work on time – but they are the most widely used. Take a look at the strategies below to see how you can help yourself improve at turning in writing assignments, such as essays and research papers, on time for your classes.

  • Make a work calendar. Essays are typically allowed a few days, or at least a weekend before they’re turned in. Students get much longer to complete term papers – usually around a couple weeks. That’s a good amount of time that students have available to them, and they should utilize it appropriately. As soon as work is assigned, go to your calendar. Find open times that you can set aside for studying, drafting, writing and editing. This will keep your other responsibilities or activities from conflicting with your writing time.
  • Use an agenda or planner. Similar to a calendar, an agenda can help you distribute study and writing time evenly in the span before the due date. By dividing up your work and writing in reminders (as well as the due date itself!) you can keep yourself well aware of the upcoming deadline and the work that still remains on your assignment.
  • Schedule study sessions. Surprisingly, many students work better when allowed to work in a group. It creates a better environment for idea genesis and encourages all students to complete work while supporting each other. Scheduling study sessions – or even update sessions, where students can share their progress – can be highly beneficial to student achievement, and keep them from turning in late work.
  • Create reminders and checks. Cell phones, computers and other everyday technologies are great tools to use as reminders for important assignments. Always post a reminder a day or two before an assignment is due, to ensure that you’re aware of it well before class begins. This way, you’ll have some time to complete the assignment even if you procrastinated the rest of the time!

Writing tips

The guides, manuals and samples listed below will help you craft original, interesting and catchy college papers.